Beyond Great Cars.....

We’ve been an integral part of Indian automobile fraternity since 1997. And while we're passionate about making great cars, our story is about much more than just selling vehicles. We at Toyota believe that everyone deserves to be safe and that is the very concept driving us to create customer heart-touching automobiles and services, deep-rooted in QDR and superior safety standards. As a responsible Automobile manufacturer, we are committed to seeking solutions for traffic safety challenges in India.

Our venture on traffic safety management began with T-SEP in 2008 , a program designed to inculcate traffic safety mind among school children, which was regarded as one of its kind in the industry. Then we moved on to extending our hands in many other initiatives joining NGOs and Government. As we progressed, we realized the dire need of having quality driving school in India to address the alarming number of accidents and casualties on the roads, predominantly due to poorly trained drivers. This led us to initiate "Toyota Driving School".

We have 2 kinds of programs. START program renders an empathetic approach towards novice drivers making them road ready, the SMART program aims to fine-tune your skill as a professional driver and we are confident that our program will make you a complete driver who can wheel on the road safely with confidence and pleasure.

Toyota Driving School is not “just another driving school” for getting a driving license but it’s much more of a place that follows a comprehensive approach to driving in terms of contents and delivery. The state of the art “simulator” a key feature of our Driving School is class apart in technology and purpose. The module of training is based on the best know-how of our driving school in Toyota Japan. Through our training and curriculum we aim at developing and enhancing the safety culture in India, by way of influencing the attitudes and traits of drivers of varied age groups. All our trainers are certified from head office not only in skill but also in behavioral psychology.

We are confident that our Toyota Driving School will set a new standard in India for Quality, Driver training and traffic safety.

For us safety is not just a feature, it is a way of life!

Akito Tachibana
Managing Director