What is the objective of Toyota Driving School?
Our objectives are,
  • -To share our global best practices of traffic safety.
  • -Promotion of traffic discipline and road safety in India.
  • -Provide safety culture & responsible drivers to society.
How are you different from other driving schools?
We have different values and follow totally a different pattern in driving training. The uniqueness about driving school is simulation system is we use is first of its kind in India where the user gets an opportunity to simulate on the real car.
Are you planning to expand in other cities? If yes, by when and which all cities?
We will have another 5 more schools in coming fiscal year. By 2020, we want to cover PAN India with a minimum of 50 schools.
Can I register to Toyota driving school through online?
Yes, if you wish you can register to Toyota driving school through online . But its better if you come here & enquire with us. As you can clear all the queries before registration.
What is are the documents I need to carry for registration?
The basic documentary requirements for registration are :-
  • * 3 passport size photographs
  • * Address proof (Any one of the below)
  • - Election commission photo ID card
  • - Applicant current & valid ration card
  • - Aadhar card
What are the categories of training provided in START & SMART course?
There are three categories of training. i.e.- Theory training, simulator training, practical training. The time duration for all 3 categories is different for both START & SMART course.
What is simulator? How does it help my learning?
Simulator is an equipment which will give the real time driving experience, learners can practice all car controls like steering, gear shift, accelerator, brake before they take actual vehicle on the road.
The advantages are :-
  • -Student can learn in safe environment with no stress.
  • -Enhance confidence level before driving on actual road.
  • -Fast & systematic learning.
Can I choose my own trainer for my training?
We don’t recommend that to any one. Because all trainers are well qualified and all are thoroughly trained In their respective profession.
Are there any important instructions I need to follow during our training?
Yes, the mandatory rule which you need to follow are :-
  • 1- It is compulsory for all the trainees to undergo all modules (Theory, simulator, & practical training) in sequence.
  • 2- Practical training will be conducted from 6 AM to 7 PM, simulator training from 9 AM to 6 PM on all the days.
  • 3- Theory training is conducted only on Saturdays & Sundays (Except LL theory training. It is conducted from Monday to Friday).
  • 4- Please refer “For your attention” board displayed in driving school.
Will you support us to get Learning Licence or Driving Licence?
Yes, we help the students to appear for test and get their LL & DL . Students who already have LL & DL can also join the driving school for practice.