Environment & Technology

Toyota Kirloskar Motor(TKM) believes and practices the theory of sustainable development. We aspire to be the most loved and admired automobile company in India by following the Toyota-way philosophy. Toyota has consistently exhibited its relentless commitment to add value through its world class systems and processes. We work consistently towards making quality cars, built to international quality standards, yet keeping in mind the local sensitivities. Toyota is committed to manufacture technically advanced and environment-friendly products. Our ISO 14001 certified plant at Bidadi, Karnataka is surrounded by a green belt and meets high environmental standards. We have embedded sustainability across all our business practices and constantly strived to implement best practices that promote reuse, reduce & recycle of wastes within the manufacturing plant.

Plant - 2 has been established based on Toyota Eco-Factory Concept, designed to contribute towards reducing overall environmental impact based on the concept of Monozukiri (Manufacturing in harmony with environment).

Some of the key sustainable plant initiatives are the afforestation drive which includes plantation of 2.5 lakh saplings inside the premises, utilization of best available technology and promotion of Eco-CSR activities to reach out to the community. An onsite rainwater harvesting pond of capacity 25, 000 cubic meter meets our water requirements for 4 months. In addition to this, our modern effluent treatment plant further recycles about 60% of treated effluent there by reducing the dependency on freshwater usage.

As technology constantly evolves and employees improve themselves through daily work and training programs, Toyota's production process improves. Through innovative technologies we focus on producing fuel efficient & quality vehicles. We believe in living in harmony with nature and hence look forward to bringing in more of such technologies which will reduce our impact on our ecosystem.

Environmental Policy

As a good corporate citizen, we are committed towards the protection of the environment by minimizing the impact on environment through pollution prevention, conservation of natural resources and continual improvement.

To support this commitment, we have formulated policies to:

  • Proactively promote environmental awareness and knowledge amongst Team Members through continual education and job specific training
  • Ensure compliance with legal as well as other requirements to which our company subscribes
  • Establish and review environmental objectives and targets annually to ensure better environmental performance through proactive continual improvement activities
  • Establish programs and conserve energy, natural resources, flora, fauna and build a green environment, within and surroundings as a part of our policy

We recognize the importance of continual improvement in environment performance while creating economic growth and maintaining competitive advantage. We are committed to this philosophy and it is our hope that all our stakeholders share our commitment in preserving a very valuable resource - OUR ENVIRONMENT.