Toyota prides itself in building advanced and intelligent cars that are both fun to own, yet extremely reliable. In the same way, Toyota wants your online visits to be both rewarding and pleasurable, so you keep returning here to discover more about new Toyota products, motorsport news, environmental issues and many other automotive-related topics. For your convenience, the following section aims to help you get the most out of this website.

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The buttons in the upper-right menu allow you to: locate your nearest Toyota dealership, plan your new Toyota by choosing engine, equipment, wheels etc., book a test drive, order a brochure on your favourite model, book a service for your Toyota, or obtain a price list. At the bottom of the site you also have links to mail a particular page to a friend, print a page, bookmark a page, or to contact the Toyota Webmaster when necessary. Please note: Any personal data you provide to TMC via the Toyota sites will only be used by Toyota to improve the services Toyota provides to you. TMC makes every effort to insure the secure collection, transmission and storage of personal data in accordance with the nature of such data. TMC will not transfer your personal data to third parties, except to the other entities in the Toyota distribution network. You have at all times the right to access to, rectification of and objection to the use of the personal data.

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