Toyota in India

Toyota in India

Mr. Naomi Ishii
Managing Director

Quality You Can Trust

Toyota believes that there is always a better way - in everything that we do. We at Toyota Kirloskar Motor have always followed our global philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen). Our lineage of consistently making quality cars backed by quality services gives us the edge and insight to deliver to you, cars built to international quality standards yet keeping in mind the local sensitivities. Quality to us has never been just a word. It’s been a way of life at Toyota and will continue to be so.

Our firm belief in putting customers first has constantly enabled us to respond effectively to your needs, whether it's in terms of quality of product, service or driving experience. It is this very belief, throughout generations, that is responsible for Toyota’s renowned Quality Durability and Reliability (QDR) which has also led to our steady growth in the Indian automotive market backed by products and services that are loved and cherished. We are proud that today, over 1 million Indians are part of the ever growing Toyota family. We also strive towards developing a more sustainable future. Being pioneers in Hybrid Technology is our first step towards the same.

Through initiatives focused on the areas of education, community development and the environment, we aim to create a company that works in harmony with nature and society.

I would like to thank all our partners who have been instrumental in our growth. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with you and welcome you to be a part of the Toyota family.


Naomi Ishii
Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor


Message From Kirloskar Group

Mr. Vikram S. Kirloskar
Vice Chairman

The Kirloskar Group has contributed to the industrialisation of India for more than a century. Established as a manufacturer of India's first iron plough, the group has continued to live up to its core philosophy of developing indigenous technology and industry. The monumental affiliation with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1997 further attests our determination to work for the growth of the Indian industry.

Toyota has constantly and consistently exhibited its relentless commitment to add value through its world class systems and processes. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship thereby creating more investment and employment opportunities in India. We at TKM believe in sustainable development and seek to boost local industries and industrial infrastructure. One such initiative is Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP), which was setup in May 2004 to produce transmissions for Toyota's global requirements.

Our approach enables us to create best value not only for customers but also for the entire system from suppliers to dealers - a tradition we aim to follow and enhance along the way.

Mr. Shekar Viswanathan
Vice Chairman & Whole-time
Mr. M Takahashi
Deputy Managing Director
Technical & Purchase
Mr. Y Horinouchi
Deputy Managing Director
Mr. T S Jaishankar
Deputy Managing Director
Mr. N Raja
Sr. Vice President Director
Sales & Marketing
Mr. Mahesh N Salkar
Sr. Vice President Customer


Our Most Valuable Asset – Our Employees

Toyota believes in the basic philosophy of Mutual Trust and Respect and recognises employees as the most valuable assets for the company. We strive to provide stable employment, maintain and improve working conditions balanced with the growth of the company.

By following the Toyota Way - the company's fundamental DNA, we have been able to transcend language and nationality. The Toyota Way is supported by two pillars:

  • Continuous Improvement: Our constant drive to put forth our best ideas and efforts.
  • Respect for People: We respect people and believe the success of our business is created by individual efforts and good team work.
  • From Human Resources Management perspective, we strive to:

  • Create a workplace environment where employees can work with their trust in the company.
  • Create a mechanism for promoting constant and voluntary initiative in continuous improvement.
  • Fully committed and thorough human resources development.
  • Promote teamwork aimed at pursuit of individual roles and optimisation of the entire company


    Empowering Employees

    Our Strength is our people

    Toyota believes that an organization gets its strength from its employees. We cultivate a corporate culture that truly reflects the qualities of 'Continuous Improvement' and 'Respect for People' in all our activities, collective and individual. We not only encourage employees to give their suggestions on improving our products, practices and work environment, but also reward them for their valuable inputs.

    Developing human resources and ensuring employment stability is of utmost importance to TKM. As part of a regular practice, over 400 of our team members have benefited from attending various training programmes in Toyota plants across Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. Employees are motivated to work in groups of 5-7, called 'Quality Circles', to enhance teamwork, innovation and productivity. TKM's concept of 'Information Time' or I-Time facilitates direct communication between team members and leaders.

    The company continuously strives to improve working conditions by making additional provisions available - a fully equipped canteen, lockers, health centre, round-the-clock doctor and commuting facilities. Toyota also organizes regular offsite visits and family days for employees to celebrate and enjoy themselves as a team.
    Printed on maandag 31 augustus 2015

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