Environment Management

Consolidated Environmental Management System
Toyota intends to establish a Consolidated Environmental Management System. Through that, it is promoting certification under the international standard ISO14001 for all its subsidiaries.

Corporate Values and Principles
Toyota has established a comprehensive approach to global environmental issues, resulting in the development of the "Toyota Earth Charter". It describes Toyota's Basic Policy and Action Guidelines. The "Third Toyota Environmental Action Plan", covering the period 2001 through 2005, is being implemented. Toyota's consolidated subsidiaries in Europe and world-wide are preparing their own action plans, with specific goals and initiatives.

Environmental Management Systems
In Europe, all Toyota and Lexus cars sold on the European market are produced in plants, whether in Japan or Europe, that hold the ISO14001 certification. The new production plant in France received ISO14001 certification in March 2002, Turkey plant in 1999 and Uk plants already in 1996.

The Marketing and Engineering subsidiary (TMME), successfully obtained the ISO14001 certification in October 2001 NMSCs (National Marketing and Sales Companies) have been requested to take voluntary actions towards systems implementation, achieving certification in line with ISO14001 by the end of 2005 at the latest.

Some countries are already forging ahead, such as Sweden, the first Toyota NMSC in the world to obtain ISO14001 standard in 1998, and Toyota GB, that has been awarded in 2002 a certification for three international standards (ISO14001 - environment, OHSAS18001- health & safety, ISO9001 - quality) across all five of it's UK sites.
Printed on dinsdag 1 september 2015

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