Green technology

The road to the ultimate eco-car
Toyota is a world leader in the research and development of new technology for the automotive industry. In its role as the world's third largest producer of cars and light commercial vehicles, Toyota believes it has a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations while ensuring practical mobility for today's consumers.

Toyota technologies for a clean environment
The launch of the Toyota Eco-Project in 1997 created a multilateral approach to developing the ultimate eco-car. This approach calls for continuous improvement of existing technologies, such as petrol and diesel engines, in parallel with new technologies, such as electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

Together, these paths A converge on the engineers' goal - the ultimate Eco-car.

Under the project Toyota has already established several milestones including the launch of Prius, the world's first mass production hybrid petrol-electric vehicle. The company is a world leader in the development of fuel cell vehicles - and already has seven FCHV-4 sport utility vehicles under road test. At the same time, Toyota has not lost sight of its responsibilities in the 'whole-life' cycle of the car, stepping up its commitment to reduced environmental damage in vehicle production and greater use of recyclable materials at its end.
Printed on vrijdag 31 juli 2015

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