Sustainable Mobility

Engaging in a global effort on Sustainable Mobility
Toyota is actively participating in the global discussion on sustainable mobility. In particular, it is promoting the activities of the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) concerning future mobility, in cooperation with automakers and other organisations around the world. The WBCSD President Fujio Cho at last year's Tokyo Motor Show on sustainable mobility.

Toyota's involvement in the WBCSD
WBSCS defines "sustainable mobility" as the "ability to meet the needs of society to move freely, gain access, communicate, trade and establish relationship without sacrificing other essential human values today or in the future".

Toyota is also involved in the "Sustainable Mobility Project", a member project of the WBCSD. Work is now well underway on the main phase of the Sustainable Mobility Project, which aims to develop a vision for how personal and goods transport all over the world can become more sustainable and chart possible pathways getting there. It builds on "Mobility 2001", the major report published last October 2001, which identified the current state of mobility.
Printed on dinsdag 1 september 2015

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