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Toyota is looking for dealership franchises all across India
  Grow with the global leader:
As a Toyota dealer, you'll be putting your business name next to a world leader. Admired for its legendary quality, durability and reliability, Toyota has always advanced the standard in motoring technology. The result is a range of highly regarded and sought after automobiles. The highly versatile Innova, the class leading Corolla Altis, the ultra-luxurious Camry, the mighty Prado.
Each vehicle is designed to delight customers with a unique motoring experience. This delight is set to scale new heights with the soon to be launched compact car from Toyota.

With Toyota's expertise in dealer training and world class infrastructure support, you'll experience the same delight as your customers. Together, we aim to consistently deliver on our promise of putting "Customer First".

What you need:
If you already possess (or could purchase) a land* in a prime location, and are ready to invest 5-15 crores (depending on facility size-category), this could be your perfect opportunity to join the growing Toyota family.

*Land size requirement based on Toyota facility standard: Approximately 3,500 / 6,000 / 9,000 sqm

How to aaply:
Click Here to apply now and follow the instructions.
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Printed on zondag 20 april 2014

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