Toyota is a world leader in the research and development of advanced automobile technology. Creating intelligent solutions for today's mobility challenges and taking responsibility for future generations. That's the mission that motivates Toyota.

The quest for innovation is the foundation for Toyota's new technology concepts. Unconventional ideas need room for creativity and the technologies of the future need testing in real-life conditions. This is why Toyota develops concept cars such as p.o.d or FXS. Take a look at Toyota's most recent concept cars and get a first glimpse of the vehicles which may, one day, satisfy the needs of tomorrow's drivers.

Engine technology is one of Toyota's greatest assets. Toyota's award-winning engine range reflects the high design and quality standards set by its engineers. Toyota engines are developed for performance and responsiveness with a big focus on reducing emissions and saving fuel. Today Toyota brings these benefits to customers with advanced variable valve technology (VVT-i) petrol engines, common-rail turbo diesels (D-4D), and with the unique Toyota Hybrid System (THS).

Safety is a top priority for Toyota: Advanced steering, braking and traction control technologies help keep your Toyota on the road and out of trouble. In addition, every new Toyota model is carefully designed to maximize safety, using computer simulations and real-life crash tests. The body and chassis are built to absorb impact and provide maximum occupant protection, whilst SRS airbags in place in case of a collision. Hopefully you will never see our safety features in action, but you will feel the confidence every time you sit behind the wheel.
Two Top "Engine of the Year Awards 2000" for Toyota

Two Top "Engine of the Year Awards" For Toyota. Both Yaris and Prius win "Hi-tech" engine awards for the 2nd year running More...
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