Our cars not only get you there. They get you there safely.
Toyota´s commitment towards safety
Our commitment can be seen in our active and passive safety philosophy. Active safety is simply all the things that help you avoid an accident; good responsiveness and handling, anti lock brakes and vehicle stability control. Passive safety on the other hand, is all the things that help you survive an accident like side and front airbags, seatbelt systems and crumple zones. There's even an Advanced Safety Vehicle Program that takes safety into the future with innovations like drowsy driver warning, pedestrian airbags and an accident avoidance system. But is doesn't stop there. Improving traffic safety requires a comprehensive approach that studies every facet of the situation and finds remedies that reach to every segment of society. Toyota is pursuing such an approach in its dedication for safer vehicles, safer drivers, and safer traffic environments.

Printed on zaterdag 5 september 2015

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