TOYOTA’s WAY - A way towards Social Development

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) is constantly working towards harmonious, scalable and sustainable development of society. We use our expertise, technology and partnerships to help communities who are in need.

The TKM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is aligned with Toyota’s Global Vision for 2020: ‘Seeking Harmony between People, Society and the Global Environment, and Sustainable Development of Society through Manufacturing’.

TKM has always and always will comply with local, national laws and regulations and conduct their business operations with honesty and integrity.

We believe that any initiative must start at home – our beloved plant, in this case. Our plant has been planned to seamlessly adapt to the nature in and around it, not the other way round. Our processes and technology have been tuned to function with lower levels of CO2 emissions. We have a waste water recycling system, too. The paint we use in the plant is non-toxic and water-based. Over the years, through conscious effort, we have achieved zero landfill waste.


Be a Socially committed corporate through building vibrant communities in harmony with nature, aiming to become the most admired company in India and meet customer expectation and be rewarded with a smile.

Steps towards Sustainability


Contribute to the development of the society by:

  • Imparting technical education

  • Raising road safety awareness

  • Promoting art and culture

  • Developing local communities through sustainable activities


Developing a harmonious relationship with society by enhancing community development activities and contributing to the progress of the region.


Complying with externally imposed social and environmental standards and conducting our business operations with honesty and integrity.


Undertaking measures to protect and safeguard the environment through effective eco initiatives.

Focus Areas

Our corporate approach is the commitment to invest and allocate resources for development and to improve the quality of life for the communities in which we live and work. TKM contributes towards vibrant world through a socially responsible and sustainable approach that includes sharing knowledge and skills through the philosophy of giving back to the community.

TKM gradually extended its efforts focusing on overall development of the neighbouring villages and communities emphasizing on Education, Health & Hygiene, Road Safety, Environment and Skill Development.

As part of planning the sustainable programme for next 3 years, TKM conducted need assessment study to understand the requirement of the community. This is the regular process wherein TKM conducts such assessment once in 3 years


School education lays the foundation stone in building the personality of a person. The importance of school education lies in the fact that the children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. The growth and future of our country highly depends upon the quality of the education system. But, we notice that the rural children in Ramanagar district had to face lack of facilities in schools, like providing educational materials, good sanitation facilities, substandard teaching aids, qualified teachers, which leads into more drop outs of the children. To address these issues TKM made need base assessment on the basic requirements to avoid school dropout rates, resulted in implementing the following initiatives:-

Books & Bags distribution

TKM has initiated supply of educational materials since 2003. Distribution of books, bags, drawing materials, geometry boxes has been the part of this activity. The activity has been appreciated by the Karnataka education department, covered 11000 school children in 140 schools of Ramanagara Taluk, Karnataka. Since the support has been the tool of motivation for the school children to continue their education,the dropout rate has been drastically reduced in schools.

Below pictorial graphs represents, impact created by TKM by this Program

  • Books and bags distribution in schools by toyota
  • Books and bags distribution in schools by toyota
  • Books and bags distribution in schools by toyota
  • Books and bags distribution in schools by toyota

Books & Bags distribution in schools

Reconstruction of Schools

Providing safe and modern school facilities for rural children is the present need to build our future generation. Govt. Schools, often attended by children from under privileged families in our neighbourhood, are the primary area of intervention. Specific issue that we seek to address through School Support programme are improving infrastructural facilities. While improving infrastructural facility with essential amenities is the need of the hour.

TKM considering the criticality of the school condition and the safety of the students, decided to reconstruct & refurbishment of schools in surrounding villages with required amenities, resulted in lesser drop outs rates. The success of this project made TKM to plan& identify schools to expand its services in providing safe, improved& quality infrastructural facilities.

  • Hosadoddi Aashram Paatashala
    (Orphanage School)

  • Byramangala Ashrama
    Paatashala(Orphanage School)

  • Medanahalli Primary School

Teacher’s Training Program

TKM has been identified the existing conditions of the school infrastructure in surrounding areas &took a major initiative in reconstructing & refurbishing the identified schools& also initiated in distributing necessary educational materials like books, bags, maths kits, science kits to children covering more than 11000 children in 140 schools . In spite of providing the quality of infrastructure & necessary educational materials TKM identified gap i.e. lack of skilled English teachers in government schools. To overcome the issue, TKM initiated Capacity building for Government school teachers in Ramanagar District. As an initial step identified 200 teachers in government schools & provided English training program at Regional Institute of Education, Karnataka, India. By undergoing this training, teachers are very confident in teaching & their teaching quality has been improvised. As a result TKM has decided to continue this program covering more number of teachers.

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Health and Hygiene

Improving the health of children is one responsibility among many social problems. Healthy children become healthy adults: people who create better lives for themselves & their communities. An assessment of the village surrounding villages near the plant revealed that there was an immediate need for proper sanitation& safe drinking water facilities. Basis on need assessment TKM has initiated following approaches.

Curative Approach

Health Camp (Schools & Community health Camps)

As a part of TKM’s commitment towards a healthy India, the company has been actively organizing health camps in villages: specialized camps for school children and general public are organized focusing on eye, skin; general health check-up and orthopaedic.

About four camps are held a year in collaboration with leading hospitals. Over 3,500 students and 1,500 people have been immensely benefited by this initiative.

As part of this initiative TKM conducted the assessment study in the 2 Gram Panchayat and 1 Town Panchayat to understand the requirement of providing the mobile medical unit.

Preventive Approach

1. Sanitation

a. Individual House Hold Toilets

Sanitation in India continue to be inadequate, despite longstanding efforts by the various levels of government and communities at improving coverage. According to an estimate from 2008 about 69% of Indians still lack access to improved sanitation facilities, considering these factors TKM initiated providing individual household sanitation projects in 2009, aiming to achieve 100% sanitation facilities in the rural areas. As a result over 585 individual toilet units have been constructed under this project till date covering 3 Grampanchyat namely Manchanayakanahalli, Byramangala & Ittamadu in Ramanagar district. It was a matter of great pride and honour that, Manchanayakanahalli Gram Panchayatwon the Nirmal Gram Puraskar for providing awareness on importance of health & hygiene. This year, around 150 units were constructed, covering 13 villages in Byramangala GP.

b. School Sanitation

TKM also felt the need to construct school sanitation facilities, focusing on the girl children in the surrounding schools and hence under Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign, 676 units were constructed covering more than 250 schools in Channapatna taluk, Ramanagara district in Karnataka, Varanasi in UP & Vaishali in Bihar. Under this programme all the schools are provided with 100% girl child sanitation units.

c. A Behavioural Change Demonstration (ABCD)

Toyota believes in growing with society. As a responsible corporate citizen, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is constantly working towards the development of people, communities and the earth at large.

Under 'Swachh Bharat-Swachh Vidyalaya' national programme Toyota constructed 676 toilets for girl students in 206 schools in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar state in 2014 and 2015. Toyota believes not only in creating infrastructure but also teaching the children and community on hygienic use of sanitation facility by bringing behaviour change.

Best Sanitation Award Function

District level Quiz Competition

TKM has designed the unique programme called ABCD aiming to create awareness on good sanitation practices among children, teacher, and community. Sensitized around 18,600 children, 76,606 community members till date.

Under this programme a special initiative of motivating community to construct individual household sanitation units was undertaken and around 1366 units have been constructed and 14 villages achieved 100% household sanitation.

2. Water Purification Unit

TKM observed during the health camps that a great number of people were affected by skin diseases, arthritis, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, etc. due to contamination of the water in nearby water sources in the villages. The release of sewage pollutants from the nearby cities into the river, which gets collected in the reservoir, is the reason.

To remedy the situation, TKM decided to establish a large scale sustainable community-based water purification unit at Bidadi, Ramanagara region in Karnataka, Vaishali in Bihar & Varanasi in UP, partnership with gram panchayats. The contaminated water undergoes an eight-step filtration process with reverse osmosis (RO) technology and UV rays to deliver IS10500 standard potable water. This year 4 units were installed in Ramanagar dist. Till date 12 units are installed across the states (Karnataka, UP & Bihar), benefitting over 96000 people covering more than 110 villages.

  • Picture represents Stages of purification process

TKM not only initiated to setup necessary infrastructure for the water units, but also created a system for sustainable model by liaising with different stake holders, by utilizing local Gram Panchayat resources (Land, Water & Power Sources)to ensure more participation by the Community, appointed an NGO to address the community issues, to sensitize community people on safe drinking water & also to maintain water plant.

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Road Safety (TSEP)

India tops the list of most number of road accidents around the world. Ever-increasing vehicle population and poor traffic sense prevailing in Indian cities are chief contributors of accidents. Traffic education is still at a nascent stage considering the number of violations and road rage cases.

Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP)

Creating road safety awareness among school children and other stakeholders has been the integral part of TKM. The activity has been specifically designed aiming to sensitize school children on road safety etiquette. Currently, the module has been tailor made considering the new age generation and focussing the age group wise information dissemination.

Awareness to School Children through various activities

Drivers Training Program

Road safety is a major social concern in India. In response to the increasing number of fatal accidents in India every year, TKM initiated Toyota safety education programme addressing different target audience. The graph depicts that the fault of driver is the major cause of road accidents and hence we have targeted airport taxi drivers in phase – 1.

As a part of Road Safety Week celebration, TKM has been conducting the awareness programme to airport taxi drivers, focussing on providing basic defensive training, health & eye check-up. Conducted in 2 location – Bangalore & Delhi.

This year we have created awareness to 2028 drivers, out of which 689 drivers were diagnosed with vision problem and distributed free spectacles. This programme were conducted in Bangalore & Delhi partnering with National Road Safety Organization & Institute of Road Traffic Education as implementing partner and Hospitals like SAAKRA and Shankara eye hospital, Vedanta hospital, Essilor vision foundation.

Drivers Road safety Awareness Program & Medical Camp, Bangalore

Drivers Road safety Awareness Program & Medical Camp, Delhi

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Green Me

Green Me was initiated in 2015 to sensitize students on Environment aspects. After successful completion of Phase I, Green Me Phase II was rolled out in August, 2016.

The best performing schools & TKM employee volunteers were recognized in the awarding ceremony held on 1st April, 2017

Green Me Progress

  • Over past two years, it has evolved as ‘Integrated Environment education program’ & is supported by, TKM top management and Employee volunteers , Education dept. & Govt. Schools & Local community of Ramanagara district.
  • Practical implementation of Green Initiatives in all 30 schools aligned with our themes : Water, Biodiversity ,Waste management, Community intervention & Climate Change
  • TKM plant visit for school children
  • Introduction of ‘Star Rating’ to evaluate best performing schools

Highlights of the event

  • Science model making &
    drawing competition

  • Quiz competition

  • Magic show

Outcomes of Green Me Phase II

1200 School hours on Environment knowledge improvement sessions

60 Outdoor activities

30 Video shows, kitchen gardens, segregation bins & composting units in all 30 schools

Community awareness campaigns - eco friendly Ganesha & Diwali festivals

Awarding ceremony

Best performing schools and recognition of employee volunteers

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Skill Development

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