"Building ever-better cars."

A philosophy that has remained unchanged for over 60 years, continues to push the brand to deliver nothing short of perfection.

Through Toyota Gazoo Racing, Toyota has been gathering knowledge and technology from their major successes gained under the most extreme conditions to refine every aspect of every car ever built. This serves as a true embodiment of the concept "Roads Build People and Cars."

With a history in motorsports that dates back more than 60 years and having raced in all manner of motorsports throughout the world, Toyota continues to push the limits.

Lead by Example

Lead by Example

Our master driver, Akio Toyoda, takes on all the roads and the cars & on his own

As president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio believes our mission is making better-driving cars. With that in mind, he continues to take the wheel to hone his special knack for building the kind of vehicles he loves.

Not only does he race—primarily in rallies on public roads—he also takes part in the 5 Continents Drive. By taking to the road and handling vehicles himself, Akio embodies the Toyota philosophy: "Roads build people, and people build cars."

Our Global Victories


The toughest of all the 24-hour endurance races, Nürburgring is the only track in the world that features the same environment as the general road.

In 2019, Toyota Gazoo Racing participated in 24 Hours of Nürburgring Endurance Race with a two-car team - a LEXUS LC and a GR Supra - and finished in 54th place overall (1st in the SP-PRO class) and 41st place overall (3rd in the SP8T class) respectively.

WRC 2019 FIA World Rally Championship 2019

The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) is an epic motorsport adventure that takes drivers and their production-based cars through challenging terrain in 14 rallies across 14 countries (2019).

For the first time after returning to the championship, Toyota Gazoo Racing bagged first, second and the third spot in the 10th round Rallye Deutschland. In the 13th round Rally de España, team Tänak/Järveoja took home the drivers' and co-drivers' championship titles, and TGR achieved a No. 2 spot on the Manufacturer's Ranking.

WEC FIA World Endurance Championship 2018-2019

The FIA World Endurance Championship challenges teams to battle it out across nine different countries, including the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans.

TGR has not just achieved two consecutive wins at Le Mans but also won the drivers' championship title for the WEC 2018-2019 Super Season. The TGR team has consistently been winning the team (manufacturer's title in 2014) and drivers' championship since 2014.

Dakar rally 2019

Taking on toughest terrain in the world, this cross-country competition traverses South America over 14 days. Since 1995, Toyota has competed in the Dakar Rally with Land Cruisers.

The experience gathered from the consecutive victories of both Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (6 consecutive wins), and Hino Team Sugawara (10 consecutive wins) has been used to refine the level of the production vehicles.

Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso is going to compete in the 2020 Dakar Rally.


The ultimate in power and environmental performance

With Toyota’s first and second at Le Mans 2018, the hybrid technology in the next-generation GR Super Sport Concept car is truly race-tested. Now its technology is proven at the environmental and performance extremes, we begin another challenge. Directly from the active race cars, its hybrid technology honed in the heat of competition, we aim to develop more exciting sports cars. Regardless of changes in electronic and digital technology in the years ahead, we’re fully committed to making the cars you love to drive. The finish line is also the start - of our future production line.

Why Hybrid?




The Toyota Yaris WRC is a new generation rally car tuned to near perfection in compliance with the 2017 FIA World Rally Car Technical Regulations. Under the hood, its 1.6-liter direct injection turbo engine growls with 380 horsepower plus.

With six victories, the Yaris WRC is the most successful rally car of 2019

World Rally Cars are developed to compete at the highest level of WRC rallies. World Rally Cars are heavily modified in order to achieve maximum performance, but they are based on production cars. Since they are extensions of production cars, they are fitted with license plates and are able to drive on public roads.

WRC introduced World Rally Car regulations for the first time in 1997, and have implemented several updates since. World Rally Cars are equipped with 1.6-liter direct-injection turbocharged engines, and all cars—including the Yaris WRC—make use of inline four-cylinder engines mounted in a transverse position. In order to limit output, cars are fitted with air restrictors measuring 36 millimeters in diameter. Nevertheless, the cars are capable of producing maximum outputs of more than 380 horsepower, and maximum torques of more than 425 newton metres. These impressive horsepower and torque values are efficiently transmitted to all four wheels via forward six-speed sequential semi-automatic gearboxes fitted with active center differential full-time four-wheel-drive systems. In addition, the cars are equipped with dedicated aero parts that provide high driving stability, such as overfenders for increased width and large rear wings.



With its extraordinarily-challenging terrain and unbelievable speeds, success at Dakar is about more than speed; quality, durability and reliability are vital. In these extremes, trust is key, and it’s Toyota’s legendary toughness that has made them the vehicle of choice for competitors. One such competitor, Nasser Al-Attiyah, proved the tenacity of the Toyota Hilux in winning the Dakar Rally outright in 2019.

The 2020 Dakar Rally car will be a highly revised and refined version of the 2018 4WD Hilux which features independent front and rear suspension, a mid-ship 5-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine and an all-wheel drivetrain. The Dakar Rally is sure to test out the car's toughness, quality, durability and reliability.