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self-charged you.

Self-charging Hybrid Technology is inspired by your needs and desires. It reflects your qualities and personality. Designed to give you a smoother, silent and more efficient drive, it accelerates you to a better, carbon-neutral future.

One is great.
Two is Awesome
Experience the best of both
worlds in one drive.

Toyota’s Self charging hybrid electric vehicle uses a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The vehicle can be driven using its electric power alone, as well as with the engine and electric motor working together. Unlike other cars, Toyota’s hybrid cars are self-charging. Electricity is generated as you drive the car, captured from the energy created when you brake or slow down. This kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in a battery when the vehicle is cruising too. When the vehicle is in need of more power, the stored electrical energy is released to assist the vehicle with more power. This process is controlled by the power control unit at very short intervals.

What makes Self-charging
Hybrid Electric Technology
exciting to drive.

  • 1


    The electric motor propels the vehicle alone.

    Electric motor-only starting-off.

  • 2

    Regular driving

    The electric motor does most of the work and the engine simply helps out.


    Optimal use of the engine and the electric motor.

  • 3

    Full acceleration

    Both the engine and the electric motor gives it their all.

    Maximum use of power from both the electric motor and the engine.

  • 4

    Deceleration/ braking

    The engine takes a break and the electric motor helps the battery recharge.

    The large electric motor and battery allow large amounts of energy to be recovered and stored.

  • Engine
  • Electric motor
  • Charge

The world of
Hybrid Electric Technology.

8-year Self-charging
Hybrid Electric Battery Warranty.

We believe in a sustainable world that’s hassle-free and easy for you to imbibe. That’s why, we are offering an awesome 8-year or 1 60 000 km hybrid battery warranty on our Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles. With it, you’ll be able to lead a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to creating a carbon-neutral world without any anxiety. Moreover, no matter what changes within that time, you can rest assured that the 8-year hybrid battery warranty won’t.

Times may change, but not our 8-year Hybrid Battery Warranty.

Some things never change like our 8-year Hybrid Battery Warranty.

Experience unlimited joy with our 8-year Hybrid Battery Warranty.

Enjoy unconditional love with our 8-year Hybrid Battery Warranty.

The choice is yours to make.

In the 21st century we have to find ways to make vehicles that are kinder to the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We are developing a fleet of hybrid cars for achieving these goals, combining different energy sources in a single powertrain to obtain outstanding fuel efficiency with significantly lower emissions, at a price customers can afford.

Tales well told.
About technology well built.

People around the world enjoy a unique experience with Toyota’s electric vehicles. From the launch to the test drive, booking the vehicle and the after sales service, it’s an amazing journey for all. Here are a few snippets and testimonials.

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