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Frequently asked questions

Toyota i-Connect is a one stop intelligent solution to provide integrated & seamless experience to all Toyota vehicle owners. It offers plethora of features to intelligently stay connected with your car, family & Toyota.

Toyota i-Connect app caters to the needs of all our customers. Yes, all TOYOTA vehicle owners can download the app. Depending on the vehicle type the supported features will be available in the app.

Toyota i-Connect is a combination of connected vehicle features & vehicle ownership enhancement features.

Connected vehicle features:
- Remotely check status & control vehicle functions like door, hazard light.
- Automatic notification to emergency contacts in case of an accident.
- Finding parked location of the car
- Alerts & notifications to stay updated about car & Toyota

Vehicle ownership enhancement features:
- Easy vehicle maintenance through online service booking, tracking & payment.
- Hassle free vehicle insurance & loan management

Plese note, connected vehicle features will be available only if your vehicle is equipped with connected device.

Vehicle ownership enhancement features like vehicle maintenance, insurance, loan are available for free.
Features to stay connected to your car like remote operations, find my car, driver alerts etc will be available on complimentary basis for 3 years from your vehicle purchase.

To keep the vehicle battery healthy, we keep the vehicle in state of sleep when the ignition is switched off.
So, sometimes it may take a little longer for the vehicle to respond to remote commands. Also, good network connection is important for remote features to operate.

Please follow the below simple steps to connect your smartwatch.

- Download the Toyota Smart watch application in a respective store.
- Ensure you have logged in Toyota i-Connect in your phone.

For any assistance, please contact our support desk at 1800 309 0001

You can connect your Apple iPhone with below simple steps:

- Login to Toyota i-Connect App
- Go to My Toyota
- Select Siri Shortcuts
- Click + to add the Siri commands

For any assistance, please contact our support desk 1800 309 0001

Yes. Door unlock in app is available if door is locked through the app.

Find my car feature helps you to locate the parked location of the vehicle. Please note the location accuracy depends on the internet connectivity & GPS signal strength in the parked area.

In the event of an accident, when the airbag deploys, the vehicle notifies the emergency contacts saved in the app. Location & time of the accident are sent to the emergency contacts via a SMS & automated IVR call. Hence, it is important to save the emergency contacts details in the app.

You can request Roadside Assistance through App, once request confirmed you will receive a notification regarding Roadside Assistance team details.
In certain cases a live tracking link of Roadside Assistance Vehicle will be shared to you through Notification

Yes, you can book the available service slot in a Toyota Service Facility on a Realtime basis for a Periodic Maintenance Service.
For services other than Periodic Maintenance you can place a 'Request call back' to a specific Toyota Dealership through App, once request submitted Toyota Dealership will contact you for scheduling the Service Appointment.

Yes, you will get the Realtime Appointment Confirmation for a Periodic Maintenance service booked through App

You will receive a Realtime service progress status in App when your car is undergoing a service at a Toyota Service Facility

Yes, you can make online payment through App for your car services carried out at Toyota Service Facility

Yes, you can access all your car service records and invoice copies through App from the date of your car ownership.

Toyota True Warranty is extension of Vehicle Warranty post expire of Toyota Vehicle Warranty. True Warranty coverage is similar to Toyota Vehicle Warranty For more details please visit

A “Pre-Paid Maintenance” Package under which guest can purchase future scheduled maintenance requirement of vehicle in advance. For more details please visit

Yes, for connected car whenever any malfunction detected a warning light will appear in car dashboard and an alert/notification with brief description of the malfunction will be sent to App *The number of vehicle alerts will vary based on vehicle capabilities, not all alerts shown on car dashboard are sent to App

In case of any trouble related to Toyota i-Connect application, please contact our support desk at 1800 309 0001

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