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Sustainability reporting helps organizations manage their social and environmental impacts and improve operating efficiency and natural resource stewardship, and it remains a vital component of shareholder, employee, and stakeholder relations. In addition, sustainability reporting can prepare organizations to avoid or mitigate environmental and social risks that might have material financial impacts on their business while delivering better business, social, environmental and financial value - creating a virtuous circle.

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Sustainability Report

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Company Review Download (PDF, 2.81 MB / 14 pp.)
Responsible Goverance Download (PDF, 2.32 MB / 10 pp.)
Greener Outlook Download (PDF, 6.35 MB / 22 pp.)
Enablers of Change Download (PDF, 2.74 MB / 10 pp.)
Responsible Sourcing Download (PDF, 2.69 MB / 08 pp.)
Customer Delight Download (PDF, 2.18 MB / 08 pp.)
Social Responsibility Download (PDF, 5.30 MB / 20 pp.)