Production System

Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System (TPS) combines a balanced mix of human resources and robot technology for increased productivity. This system involves two important principles:

Jidoka - building quality into the production system and ensuring damaged parts do not proceed to the next stage.

Just In Time (JIT) - making only what is needed, when it's needed, and only as much as is needed.

Eco Factory : As part of our sustainable plant initiatives, the plant is designed with an Eco-Factory concept to maximize the output with minimum input by creating a highly optimized manufacturing process. From our energy efficient servo press to our state-of-the-art global body line, we are able to reduce process steps to further increase our energy efficiency. We also use water borne paint and a water recycling system that recycles 40% waste water back into the process, thereby leading to higher resource optimization and contributing towards a greener society

Committed Partners

In our drive to build the perfect automobile, selecting the components that go in to it becomes a key criterion for success. We at TKM believe that an innovative, capable and cost competitive supplier base is critical to our viability.

We perceive suppliers and dealers as equal stakeholders in our drive towards sustainability. Supplier enhancement initiatives are designed to bring a sense of partnership in all our endeavors.