Toyota Learning &
Development India (TLDI)


Institute Collaboration approaches

  1. Proposal based on Institute Study & Assessment

Step 1

Study the Syllabus
  • Study
  • Understand
  • Map the topics
Management & Organizational Behavior Skill
Organizational Behavior Knowledge
Managerial Communication Skill
Human Resource Management Knowledge
Business Environment Attitude
Strategic Management Knowledge
Entrepreneurship Development Knowledge
Supply Chain Management Knowledge, Skill
Recruitment And Selection Knowledge
HR Analytics Knowledge
Compensation & Reward System Knowledge
Learning And Development Knowledge
Conflict & Negotiation Management Knowledge
Organizational Leadership Attitude
International Human Resource Management Skill
Organization Change And Development Attitude
Strategic Talent Management Knowledge

Step 2

Propose trainings
  • Design modules for mapped topics
  • Develop the module content
  • Propose the trainings

Management & Organizational Behavior

Contents Duration Medium
  • Toyota Way of Management.
  • Organization Structure and Planning at Toyota Japan, Thailand and India.
  • Organization Structure at Company, Function, Group, Division, Department, Section Levels.
1 hour Virtual

Organizational Behavior

Contents Duration Medium
  • Identifying the Right Personality for the Right Job.
  • Written Test, Skill Test, Personality Test/Assessment/ Attitude Measurement, Competency Based Interviewing.
1 hour Virtual

Organizational Behavior

Contents Duration Medium
  • Motivation: Maslow’s Need Hierarchy at Toyota.
  • Formal and informal methods of motivation/ employee engagement.
  • Leadership at different levels.
  • Leadership at Toyota.
1 hour Virtual

Managerial Communication

Contents Duration Medium
  • What is cheerful workplace ?
  • What is one way & two-way communication ?
  • Communication techniques.
  • Fundamental Knowledge to make good human relations.
  • Occurrence of problem.
  • 4 step of dealing with problems at Toyota.
4 hours Virtual

Human Resource Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • Functions of HR in Toyota.
  • Working pattern of HRM.
  • HR Policies & Procedures (Vision and Mission).
1 hour Virtual
  • HR Planning Best practices.
  • Transfer and Rotation at Toyota.
  • Pay role, PF, Gratuity, Transfer, Upgradation etc.,
1 hour Virtual
  • Recruitment Best practices.
  • Headcount management.
  • Interview criteria.
  • Selection process.
1 hour Virtual
  • Employee welfare at Toyota.
  • Employee Grievances redressal system.
  • Industrial Discipline management.
1 hour Virtual
  • Employee welfare at Toyota.
  • Employee Grievances redressal system.
  • Industrial Discipline management.
1 hour Virtual

Business Environment

Contents Duration Medium
  • TBP-Step-0 Case study.
  • What to be considered before taking a project ?
  • Internal factors.
  • External factor.
  • Organization SWOT Analysis.
1 hour Virtual

Strategic Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • Formulation of Hoshin, Org structure during Covid scenario.
  • CBU Localization, Camry & Lexus.
  • Plant -2 cost reduction 30%.
  • Toyota Suzuki Alliance
1 hour Virtual

Entrepreneurship Development

Contents Duration Medium
  • Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Competencies required for Entrepreneurs
  • Start-Ups
4 hours Virtual

Supply Chain Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Just In Time
  • Jidoka
  • Material Information Flow Chart
  • Parts Information Flow Chart
  • Ordering System
  • Inventory Management
  • Producing according to sales speed
  • Efficient Logistic system [Milk Run system}
16 hours TKM

Recruitment and Selection

Contents Duration Medium
  • Recruitment at Toyota.
  • Methodology.
  • Need analysis for recruitment.
  • Job allocation at Toyota.
  • Headcount Management
1 hour Virtual

HR Analytics

Contents Duration Medium
  • Pay slip components.
  • Benefits, HRA, Gratuity.
1 hour Virtual

Compensation and Reward System

Contents Duration Medium
  • Bonus and Salary Hike.
  • Appraisal and Competency pay.
  • Attendance Bonus.
  • Suggestion scheme.
1 hour Virtual

Learning and Development

Contents Duration Medium
  • Overview of Learning & Development
  • Visit to TTTI
  • Visit to Gurukul
  • Plant visit to observe how training is applied.
  • Skill Matrix
5 hours TKM

Conflict and Negotiation Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • IR Best practices.
  • Benefits & welfare.
  • COD & Negotiation with Union.
1 hour Virtual

Organisational Leadership

Contents Duration Medium
  • Culture building [Toyota Way, PDCA A3, JKK and TBP]
  • People Development
1 hour Virtual

International Human Resource Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • ICT scheme, GST, World skills, AOTS and TITP
1 hour Virtual

Organization Change and Development

Contents Duration Medium
  • Organization change on business needs
1 hour Virtual

Strategic Talent Management

Contents Duration Medium
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Career planning,
  • Succession planning
  • Retention of strategic talent [Monetary & Non- Monetary benefits]
1 hour Virtual

Step 3

Deliver trainings
  • Prepare for the program
  • Deliver the program
  • Check effectiveness

Step 4

Evaluate & Feedback
  • Evaluate the learnings
  • Share the feedback
  1. Proposal based on Specific need of the Institute

TKM Certificate Course

Curriculum Details (Duration 4 weeks)
Curriculum Details (Duration 4 weeks)

Exposure to Industrial Culture - 5 Days




  • Company Overview, Dos & Don't's
  • Toyota Way Lean Principles & Lean
  • Simulation
  • Experiential Learning at Safety Dojo
  • Introduction to 5S


Fundamental Skill Training

Press Shop Overview & Practical

  • Panel Handling Skill
  • Press Machine Handling
  • Confirmation of Die Machine
  • Panel Inspection & Repair
  • Visit to press shop for Operation & Quality Gate Management


Fundamental Skill Training

Weld Shop Overview & Practical

  • Resistance Welding Skill
  • CO2 Welding Skill
  • Shell body inspection
  • Small Parts Setting
  • Quality Gate Management


Fundamental Skill Training

Paint Shop Overview & Practical

  • Sealer Application
  • Paint Spray - Holding & Standing
  • Speed of Gun & Holding Angle
  • Paint Inspection & Repair
  • Logistics Operation
  • Quality Gate Management


Fundamental Skill Training

Assy. Shop Overview & Practical

  • Tightening skill demo
  • Insertion Skill demo
  • Attaching skill demo
  • Hands on experience
  • Visit to Assembly Operation
  • Quality Gate Management

Basics of Automobiles - 6 Days


Off Job Training

Basics of Automobile Engineering

  • History of Automobiles
  • Types of Engines
  • Introduction to Clutches, types and construction
  • Learning through out section


Off Job Training

Engine Parts Familiarization

  • Petrol & Diesel Engine
  • Engine construction
  • Turbo Charger, CRDI, MPFi
  • Transmission & Steering system
  • Learning through out section


Off Job Training

Engine Parts Familiarization

  • Suspension - Fundamentals
  • Working of Air Bags
  • General maintenance of Vehicles
  • Automobile Anatomy
  • ECU & Control System
  • Automotive Control System


Off Job Training

Influence of Electronics in Automobiles

  • Model Simulations
  • Hands on experience
    • Diagnostics Skill
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Vehicle Maintenance


Off Job Training

xEV Technology

  • Introduction
  • Electric, Hybrid, Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Experiential Learning through Cut sections
  • Eco Park Visit Renewable Energy
    Solar Park & Waste Management


Off Job Training

Automobile Welding

  • Introduction to Welding Technology
  • Best Welding Practices Demonstration
  • Advance Welding technology
  • Practical ARC, C02 & Spot Welding

How to Manufacture Car

Day-12 to 16

On Job Training Plant

Production Exposure

  • Assembly Line Process Observation
  • Process Learning
  • Hands on exposure of production

Day-17 to 19

Off Job Training in TTTI

Advanced Automobile Technologies

  • Hands on experience on Transmission
  • About Turbo Charger
  • About VVTI, CRDI & CVT
  • Familiarize Features & functions of all Parts
  • Engine Re-assembly (BS - IV)


Emerging Technologies

Mechatronics System

  • Introduction
  • Electrical & Electronic components
  • Pneumatic devices
  • Industrial application of material testing
  • Plant Visit


World Skills & Supply Chain

Observation & Learning

  • Introduction to World Skills
  • Skill Observation @ Prototype & Mechatronics
  • Service Parts operation management
  • Supply Chain Management Genba Learning
  • Valedictory & Conclusion