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Toyota's drive to build a sustainable future by focusing on improving the livelihood of communities in harmony with nature. With an aim to be the most admired company in India, Toyota strives to create a positive impact in the world we live in.

Drive Towards Sustainability

  • Social


    Cultivate the development of society by giving back to the communities we work with.

  • Social


    Contribute to the economic progress of the region and realization of human capital.

  • Social


    Undertake measures to protect and safeguard the environment through effective eco-initiatives.

  • Social


    Comply with social and environmental standards and regulate business with honesty and integrity.

The Thought Behind Sustainable CSR


Conduct a community need assessment and feasibility study


Work closely to engage stakeholders and ensure need-based implementation


Rigorous monitoring and evaluation of programs that includes measuring outputs, outcomes and impact


Based on leanings and successes, refine programs by incorporating Kaizen into each step


Good Governance

We believe that good governance is pertinent to the ethical functioning of a company. Our company values, code of ethics and internal control systems are aimed at striking a balance between our Economic, Environment and Social goals; echoing our commitment to this belief.

At TKM, the Board of Directors constitutes the highest governing body, which operates at the pinnacle of our organizational structure. For delivering upon our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have a CSR Committee constituted through a board resolution. The CSR Committee is the focal agency that guides TKM in the implementation of our CSR programmes, whereas our CSR team ensures the implementation of CSR programmes on the ground.

We achieve our CSR objectives by adopting one of the following pathways:

  • Direct programme implementation

  • Collaborating with implementation partners for programme execution

  • Making direct contributions to any Schedule VII Fund, set up by the Government, as it may deem suitable.