Whistle Blower Policy

What does not fall under WBP?

HR issues:

Transfer Salary Transfer Canteen Food Commutation Attendance issues

Daily management issues:

Argument with superior Misunderstanding with a colleague Mobile usage by co passengers/ driver

Out side issues:

Personal issues Public Matters




Who receives and
review the Report?

Independent Authority (IA)

  • IA is one of the big four audit and investing agency
  • No relationship with TKM
  • IA to prepare the flash report & submit to Chairman (MD) of Ethics Committee (EC)
  • Chairman will give direction to IA whether to proceed with investigation or drop the case
  • If yes to proceed, IA will investigate & submit the report to EC
  • EC will review the report & decide on next course of action


(Q) Can I meet Independent Authority personally?

  • If your contact details are given you may be called for evidence.

(Q) Is disclosure of identity compulsory?

  • Not a must. However, if disclosed investigation becomes easy and the informant will be updated on progress.

(Q) Is there any risk to informant?

  • No need to fear, Company assures protection