For a sustainable future, we must have



Establishing a Recycling-based Society

Promoting recycling at every step ensures resource conservation, optimization and efficient management throughout our value chain. This helps us as a springboard to create large-scale change.

Our Approach

A. TKM Waste Management System Value management System

1. Waste generation @ Production
2. Segregation at source
3. Final Storage
96% of waste is recycled & Promoting across value chain towards Circular Economy

B. Expanding to Value Chain

Create consciousness across value chain on waste to value management

C. Waste Management Circular Economy

Plastic Recycling
Metal Recycling
Battery Recycling

Our Approach

End of life vehicle Management

TKM Pilot End of Life Vehicle (ELV) facility has been established at the premise.

TMC / TDEM has Recognized TKM facility as MODEL FACILITY under Toyota Global 100 Dismantlers Project

Hazardous Waste Reduction

TKM’s ultimate goal in this regard is to send zero hazardous waste to the landfill.

Towards the same, TKM has established Sludge Drying Yard for managing hazardous waste, that works on the concept of Green House Effect.

It has also established Composting Yard, where Bio-sludge gets composted that is then used for plantation inside the campus.

About 4% of Waste is sent to incineration and co-processing.

Key Highlights:

  • From the year 2014 to 2020, about 1,50,627 tons CO2 Emissions has been reduced.
  • TKM is successfully Minimizing environment impact by eliminating 2850 tons of Hazardous waste to Landfill.

Chemical, Phosphate & Paint Sludge

TKM with ACC cements carried out first trials of Co-processing Involving MOEFCC,CPCB,KSPCB (Yr 2008)

BIO Sludge

Approximately 200 tons of manure is produced per annum, which is utilized for plantation.

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