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Over the years, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has consciously been taken steps to transform from a carmaker into a Sustainable carmaker. Our commitment towards a green future highlights the brand's efforts to protect natural resources and safeguard the environment.

Keeping the vision in mind, Ecozone was established with an intension to restore the native biodiversity.

What is Toyota Ecozone?

Toyota Ecozone is an experiential environmental learning center that is spread across 25 acres of land inside the TKM premises. It is a unique concept that includes 17 educational theme parks. These theme parks are designed to create a sense of ecological consciousness among children and various stakeholders. A visit to these theme parks will help them learn about the practical ways to reduce their impact on the environment and inculcate a sense of responsibility towards it.


Highlights of the Theme Parks

Biodiversity Theme Park: This theme park is an effort towards creating awareness on the importance of biodiversity for the survival of ecosystems, what impacts humans have on it, and how we can conserve biodiversity for our survival. Ecozone also has 38 rare and endangered plant species that belong to the IUCN Red List.

Sacred Groves Theme Park: For decades, people have found unique ways to protect arboreal life. Sacred Groves is a park that draws a connection between nature and religion. Toyota aims to promote the protection of trees through the lens of spirituality as well, with the help of this theme park.

Through this one-of-its-kind establishment, we have reached over 13,000 students. We aim to influence 10,000 students every year going forward.

We aspire to connect people from various walks of life, including our internal and external stakeholders, and work together to build a society in harmony with nature.

Toyota invites you to join hands in this journey of 'Green Together’.